Saturday, June 8, 2013

Molcolm Arnold for inspiration

If I want to go on a fantasy dream. When I am in that mood, when I just want to be in some other place. A place full of wondrous mountains, valleys, little cute fairies, green carpet spread everywhere - but with a little mystery added to it. A danger inherent in all of these beautiful things. An unknown danger lurking behind the veils of mist. 
If I am in these mood, when I want to be sensitive to the many enchantments nature has to offer, I listen to Malcolm Arnold’s Symphony No.5. It is simply superb; in fact it is a very very magical kind of symphony. Just listen to the first two movements and you will be spell struck and transported to a magical fantasy world; a world full of magic, fairies, brave knights, dangerous wizards, evil and all of these.
If you want to create fantasy ideas, want inspiration for writing fantasy plots, or just plain - be in a fantasy world of your own - to soothe your nerves and just to be alone - listen to this work. It is simply magical.

Symphony No.5

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