Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Spark

Everyone needs a spark to ignite that thing in him or her. What lies dormant within oneself does not find expression unless there is no outside force applied to it. Many of us must have experienced this in our lives. Some are naturally motivated. They have that inner drive in them that takes them on and on. They know what they want to do. It is the inner force which compels them to move forward. 

But what about those who do not have that drive in them? What do they do to express themselves? Such person's creative urges and expressions lay hidden for years, sometimes they do not find a suitable outlet to pour forth their thoughts and feelings. At such times, it is the responsibility of us - intelligent, moral, and mature individuals - to lend support, to act as mentors and to seek out those creative energies in a person and to urge and motivate them to move forward in life. 

In an age where man has set out explorations in outer space, where Super-earths are being discovered, where man has delved deep in the ocean depths, it is important for one to look at oneself, to look at the inner qualities and energies that drive us to do what we want to do and express ourselves creatively and be more intelligent beings. 

Perhaps meditation and one's own realisation of one's thought pattern can help in this. There should be a sense of freedom to free oneself of one's fears, inhibitions, and whatever one feels is letting him of her down or is an obstruction in expressing oneself. 

Life is too short in live in fear, Who knows what lies in store in our next life? Think of today, this moment. Sit down, let the world fly by, there will be times when the world too will join you in your celebrations. But take your time to see deep within yourself. What qualities you have which you can express better than the person sitting next to you. It can be any quality e.g. can you paint better, write better, cook better. You have an art of thinking in pictures? Perhaps you are good with handling objects e.g. moving your body in rhythm, or ability to fix things up. Or perhaps, you speak better than the other person e.g. you have good oratory skills, are better in speaking with good tone, voice, words etc. Are you good in understanding persons, you like to socialize or keep friends? You are sensitive to other people's thoughts, you can clearly understand them. That, too, is a good talent to have. You care for the environment? You like to be informed about the latest events happening in your neighbourhood, or take part in contests, fun fairs, quizzes, competitions, marathons. Or you like to be alone and like to reflect on how to grow better plants, how does a star shine, what are stones made of, etc. 

Take time to gather your thoughts, concentrate on yourself and once you come to a point of deep realisation, that is your moment. You have to then build on these qualities and shape your own future. This future will be yours and yours alone.

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